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Do you like Bonnie Bennett of The Vampire Diaries? If so, don't forget to check out the new multi-author standalone book series
Bennett Witch Chronicles!
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After Bonnie Bennett prevents the annihilation of Mystic Falls by Hellfire, she’s packed her bags and bought her plane tickets, and she’s off to see the world!

In Milan, Italy, she meets a man who needs assistance... from a witch. Believing that she’s going to rescue his sister from a vampire who is hoarding women, using them as human blood bags, she performs a locator spell and races off with him to find her. When things go awry, will Bonnie’s magic be enough to save her from the fangs of a centuries-old vampire and his cohorts?

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, everything seems more peaceful than usual. That’s never a good sign, as something sinister is always afoot. With Damon and Elena’s wedding and the Halloween party at the Salvato…
✣ ✣ IT IS LIVE!! ✣ ✣
. • ⚔ • ⚔ • ⚔ • . . • ⚔ • ⚔ • ⚔ • . Gareth de Chaville was a Knights Templar. He devoted his life to fighting for what was just and true. He was twenty-eight years old when he tapped into the powers of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism. The lure overwhelmed him. He became a slave to the dark pleasures life had to offer.
He took what wasn’t rightfully his, a young noble woman named Hannah de Leroux. Love was supposed to be a thing of beauty not of darkness. For Gareth, love became an obsession.
This twisted love introduced him to sin. Thou shalt not covet a neighbor’s wife; a violation of the tenth commandment, and the one that opened the door to Gareth’s darkest of desires.
Redemption must be earned and sometimes the innocent become the pawn. Will Gareth lose Hannah to his darkness? Can Gareth escape the temptation of dark pleasures, or will love be his redemption?
• ⚔ • ⚔…
✰⋆⊰✰⋆⊰ Learning to Love| Knights of Sins MC Book 2 ✰⋆⊰✰⋆⊰ “I need you.” His words stir an array of emotions inside of me. I lay my head back on his shoulder. His lips roam over my neck before I feel just how hard he is right now. #ErinTrejo#LearningToLove#DirtyTalkingBiker#Preorder
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Rules of Engagement: A Daddy Dom Ageplay Erotic Romance by Nia Farrell(Author), Anita Quick(Editor)
Corporate attorney Dylan Reynolds hopes to become a first time Daddy Dom with a twenty-two-year old genius whose lack of experience intrigues him. Holly Knox can’t deny her attraction to Dylan, but she’s never had a serious relationship, let alone been with a Dominant who’s into the BDSM lifestyle. He’s promised to show her a world of flavors beyond vanilla, but he wants to start with a spanking. Can this innocent embrace ageplay and be Daddy’s good girl? 

Written for Ages 18+.
October 1st, 2017 Release Date 
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You can now pick up LOVE IN CARSON FALLS by Author Paisleigh Aumack for ONLY #99CENTS? SALE ends Monday!

Arianna Morgan:
She never thought life would beat her down. She never imagined the man she loved doing it either. Starting over in a small town was her only option. Once she arrived in Carson Falls, she realized her life never really began until the locals, one specifically, proved that there are things that can mend your spirit.

River Bradshaw:
He never thought the mother of his child would walk away. He also never thought she would end up dead. Living in a small town his whole life, he knew what his life’s meaning was, or so he thought. Once a stranger from out of town started teaching his daughter piano, she proved that life had much more in store for him.

This is a story about loss, love, and how music can teach us about ourselves.


A steamy dark romance coming Sept 29th by T.R. Cupak

Meet the Shadow and find out if she will be his Precious…
Read the prologue here →

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Cover Model: Drew Leighty
Photographer: Travis H. Lane Photography

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Heavy Metal Romance Book 4 is LIVE

Now if you are into Heavy Metal Romance's, this series is totally for you!!! I fell in love with all of the men from Slava Pasha!!! OMG! This is totally a panty dropper series and it will take you on an emotional rollercoaster for sure! It is now LIVE! Go get it!!! Not to mention the huge girl crush I have on AD Herrick!!! Gonna totally make out with her when I meet her!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•`ALWAYS ROCKING| Heavy Metal Romance
Book 4 of the Slava Pasha Series

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Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures for Heavy Metal Rocker, Kiev Alexeev. With the whole band moving on with their lives, getting married and having babies. Kiev is really starting to feel the green bug of envy. Every day spent with Karina and Dominik make him even more desperate for a baby of his own. Once his bandmates and family …

Jackson Kane with Another 5 STAR Read!!!!

Coming Soon from Jackson Kane!!!!! This book is so friggin awesome! I suggest you all run out and get it in 5 DAYS!!!! THIS ONE WILL LEAVE YOU READING IT LITERALLY WITH ONE HAND, BUT IT'S SO MUCH DEEPER THAN THAT!!!!

“I love it when after I’ve finished a book, I am still thinking about it. This one I am thinking about the characters, they are very different from the norm that I have read lately and welcomed the change! 
So much mayhem, sexy-sweetness, and heart tugging scenes, this is a book I enjoyed and would recommend to others.” – Jackie D

#BillionDollarUrge by #JacksonKane releases AUGUST 29th!
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Welcome To Tasha Talks Books Blog

I am so excited to have finally gotten the guts to start my own Blog! 

"The hardest part of starting a new journey is taking a leap of faith right at the beginning..."-Unknown

The love for books, the Indie Community, and my Authors are so incredible. 

Who am I? I am Tasha. PA to five awesomely talented women, Nia Farrell, Janae Keyes, Ashlee Keyes, Shannon Youngblood and Leslie Nicci Bays. I am a bibliophile of multi genres. I am a single mother of 3. 

I have such awesome ladies in my life that support me. Once the third of my ladies suggested out of the blue for me to start my own blog... What could I do, but do what I have been wanting to do for years now. I am passionate about everything boomkd

My goal here is to be able to keep you up to date on what my ladies are doing. Have fun. Then I will also be doing LIVE readings at least once a week. I would love to show you, what phenomenal authors are out here in the community, while also bringing you inside of my life. 

"Life i…