Friday, August 18, 2017

Welcome To Tasha Talks Books Blog

I am so excited to have finally gotten the guts to start my own Blog! 

"The hardest part of starting a new journey is taking a leap of faith right at the beginning..."-Unknown

The love for books, the Indie Community, and my Authors are so incredible. 

Who am I? I am Tasha. PA to five awesomely talented women, Nia Farrell, Janae Keyes, Ashlee Keyes, Shannon Youngblood and Leslie Nicci Bays. I am a bibliophile of multi genres. I am a single mother of 3. 

I have such awesome ladies in my life that support me. Once the third of my ladies suggested out of the blue for me to start my own blog... What could I do, but do what I have been wanting to do for years now. I am passionate about everything boomkd

My goal here is to be able to keep you up to date on what my ladies are doing. Have fun. Then I will also be doing LIVE readings at least once a week. I would love to show you, what phenomenal authors are out here in the community, while also bringing you inside of my life. 

"Life is a battle of wits between you and the circumstances. Make don't let them make you."  -Tapan Ghosh 

Thank You for taking part in following me, and please... Enjoy the Ride! 

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