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Relationships never worked out for Jessa or Alexa. Love never figured into anything they did, sex was just for fun, right? There might as well have been a revolving door for both of them when it came to men. They never could figure out the exactly right formula to keep the guy past the morning after.
After ten years of being stuck in a never-ending rut of barely making it by, Alexa and Jessa are offered the chance of a lifetime. Travel around the world for six months in an all-expense paid job writing reviews for the travel company. The catch? They have to leave everything behind for this new shot at life, which they eagerly do, never dreaming it would change both their lives forever.
The first day, they meet the men of their dreams, or so they think. After three dream-like weeks in Greece, the travel company splits them up, sending them in a rotation of adventures that teach them what their hearts really desire. Will what they feel turn out to be true love? Or are they stuck in that revolving door of relationships that never quite pan out?

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Barber Shop Ink: Always Blue in Memphis 
Penny Blush - Author 
~*~*~ Hedge ~*~*~
They say that bad luck comes in threes. I just didn’t expect all the hits to come at once.
What do you get when you mix embezzlement, your best friend, add in a dash of the Feds, a splash of infidelity and a heaping serve of apartment fire?
You get a recipe for disaster. Welcome to my life.
Once upon a time my life was perfect
Fantastic job and fulfilling career – Check 
Amazingly supportive handsome boyfriend – Check 
Stunning apartment that I owned and love – Check
I was officially a successful adult, I had my life together, everything was perfect.
Then it all turned to shit.
~*~*~ Memphis ~*~*~
Some days you should just stay in bed if I did then maybe things would have turned out differently, then again maybe they turned out exactly the way they were meant to…. 
What do you get when you cross your family, with a loan shark, the mafia and a boat load of debt?
A massive freaking headache. Welcome to my life.
Debt up to the eyeballs – Check 
Lack of sleep – Check 
Working myself to the bone – Check
I’m not a successful adult, my life is a nightmare, total and utter chaos. I don’t have room in my life for anything or anyone else. Then she came crashing into my life blindsiding me, and now I find myself making room for her, in my shop, in my apartment and my life.
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Friday, September 15, 2017

✰⋆✿ ❥⋆⊰COMING SOON ⋆⊰✿ ❥⋆⊰
●▬▬▬▬✿ ❥NIA FARRELL ✿ ❥▬▬▬▬●
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Corporate attorney Dylan Reynolds hopes to become a first time Daddy Dom with a twenty-two-year old genius whose lack of experience intrigues him. Holly Knox can’t deny her attraction to Dylan, but she’s never had a serious relationship, let alone been with a Dominant who’s into the BDSM lifestyle. He’s promised to show her a world of flavors beyond vanilla, but he wants to start with a spanking. Can this innocent embrace ageplay and be Daddy’s good girl? 

Written for Ages 18+.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When We Fall by Sloane Murphy is FREE for a limited time!


It’s been one week. One week since Mason Knight barged in and interrupted my quiet little world. I liked my little bubble where I worked on my own, didn’t have to rely on a partner for a grade in my classes, when people didn’t talk to me about the new guy at school. I liked the quiet that came with being a pariah. The worst part of it all is, the bad bits have gotten worse. Girls are the worst creatures ever created, I swear to God.
Some girls hid my clothes during gym class yesterday; I found them soaking wet in a shower cubicle. Astounding – just because the new guy speaks to me in class where he HAS to. He’s quiet other than that, he seems to keep to himself, even though he draws people towards him without trying. He has this magnetism people just can’t resist, and they follow him like a lost flock. And so, because he speaks to me, I get punished.
I’m currently hiding in a locked stall in the girls’ room, trying to get some peace and quiet during lunch. Seat cover down, kindle out, feet up, door locked. It’s not the perfect setting, but it’s a whole lot better than out there. People discovered my spot in the library and kept interrupting my lunch to ask if I could pass on their number to Mason. I DON’T EVEN KNOW THE GUY! I lost it at the last girl and word vomited all over her before storming off and ending up here. The warning bell rings, disturbing my quiet time and I can’t help the exaggerated sigh that escapes me. Just four more hours and I’m free. Just two more periods then I can go home and have a long hot bubble bath. But first, class.
I gather up my stuff and pop it into my shoulder bag before heading towards Math, which I survive unscathed. Last but not least, I have English, just reaching my chair as the final bell rings. I slide into the chair next to Mason before unpacking my text books and notepad, and arranging my pens, just so, on the table.
“Hey,” I say with a small smile and a glance in his direction. What? Just because I hate the repercussions of being his table buddy doesn’t mean I’m immune to him. The guy is drop dead. Like, move over RPatz, Alex Pettyfer – take a step back, Mason Knight is in the house. He smiles at me and holy crap, I’ve not seen him smile before, not even a smirk. Ladies and gentlemen, my brain has just melted. He’s hot when he’s all broody, but smiling? I think my heart just turned to dust.
I shake my head a little before turning towards Mr. Perry, our teacher, who is groaning on about the philosophies of life.
“What would you do if you were offered everything you ever dreamed of but the cost was unthinkable? Would you pay that cost? What if it was to save a friend or a loved one? Would that make it different?”
I think about it for a minute, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something that bad. I mean, yes, I’d like to know who my family are, why they left me, but would I do something insane for it, I don’t think so. And other than Monica, I don’t really have people – so the second part doesn’t really apply.
Sneaking a glance at Mason, he looks deep in thought, almost sad. I look away before he can catch me watching him and focus back on Mr. Perry, who is handing out copies of a selection of snipping’s from various literature. He’s still rambling, but I zone out, doodling on my notebook. That is until I hear Mason pipe up next to me. I turn to look at him and he’s leant back in his chair, looking as if he owns the room.
“My favorite book, Mr. Perry? Well that’s not a simple choice – the selection is too great,” Mason says with a smile. I can’t tell if he is serious or not.
“Well, Mr. Knight, if you are as versed as you say, maybe you can delight us all with a few lines from one of your favorites,” Mr. Perry challenges.
He’s stood at the front of the room, leaning back on his desk with his arms crossed. I have obviously missed something. Mason clears his throat before speaking.
“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists... it is real... it is possible... it's yours." He speaks with such passion; the whole room is hanging on his every word. The bell rings drawing me out of my zombie like daze.
“From Ayn Rand’s, Atlas Shrugged – Very well, Mr. Knight,” he says, obviously impressed. “I expect you all to read your handouts before next class, we will be discussing them; and I will know if you didn’t read it properly,” he shouts as the class gathers their books.
Slinging my bag onto my shoulder, I move forward without looking up and walk straight into someone. I look up to see Mason looking down at me, his hands on my arms, keeping me upright. Oh, my God!
“Steady there, tiger. You don’t want to fall down on that pretty ass of yours.” He almost growls the words; his voice is so gravelly. I can’t place his accent, but he’s obviously not from around here.
I blush. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”
“It’s fine, having you pushed up against me really isn’t a hardship.”

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I think it's time for me to do what I started this BLOG to do... LIVE reads of the week. Stay Tuned... Coming Soon...
★★★★Cover Reveal★★★★

✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.★˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* ★˛° 。✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫ ░D░E░P░R░A░V░E░D
..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫★ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ★ ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫

░E░M░E░R░Y ░L░E░E░A░N░N░

★Cover Design by: #JMWalker of Just Write. Creations
★Release Date: TBD

This book contains very graphic violence, rape, sodomy, torture and death. If you decide to continue to read, remember that this warning was added for a reason.

★★Salvation can be your saviour but it also can be your death.
Ditch, VP of The Dragon MC, horrifically violated Brynn's body and shattered anything left inside of her, leaving her just an empty shell.
An opportunity arises that gives her a chance to seek revenge and end her own tormented existence. But yet again, fate intervenes and things happen that she has no control over........
After seeing the carnage left behind, Devon (President of the MC), knows immediately two things - his club is his first priority, and Brynn is now under his protection.
But the Club, known by reputation as The Dragons of Death, wants revenge. One of theirs has been slaughtered and blood must be met with blood.
Devon now has to decide where his true loyalties lie - with the Club and his MC Brothers or the woman he has vowed to protect.★★

★Add to your TBR list today


Caleb (Unseen Book 1)
KM Thompson

To keep her, he has to lose everything…

Forced to grow up way too fast, the idea of happily ever after really is just a fairy tale to Caleb.

When a job goes wrong and his client ends up dead, Caleb Slate gets a reality check. Now with a threat looming over him and his future clients, he decides to leave the family security business.

Starting over as CEO of Slate Property Development should be hassle free, right? Buy a property, fix it up, sell it—no one gets hurt or killed. It should be that easy. Until his recent purchase houses over a hundred tenants who are reluctant to leave their homes.

Sarah-Jayne Tanner is a single mom to five year old twins Maddison and Mitchell, living in a rundown and decrepit apartment in Fort Lincoln, D.C.

Just when things start going smoothly, the building's landlord dies and the new landlord wants all the residents out and to knock the building down, but SJ won't go down without a fight.

After a heated argument Caleb agrees to SJ’s challenge. If he wins the residents leave. If he loses, they stay. One week, stripped of his luxuries and plunged into a world of poverty, will he make the week or does he even care now SJ and the children have won his heart?

When his past comes back to exact revenge, Caleb will do anything it takes to save the only woman he's ever loved.

Let me just say. I am the new BETA for this amazing, fantabulous Author and she is!!! This book is definitely one you will want to put on your TBR and Buy that Sucker once it comes out!!!

The Big D
Brittany Crowley
Release Date: October 17, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Book Teaser Pleaser
Add The Big D to your Goodreads TBR:

All it took was one look into the delivery guy's sinful brown eyes and I knew I'd regret never seeing him again. I tried tipping him a dollar and ended up getting a whole lot more than I bargained for.
Imagine my surprise when he comes back. Every. Friday. Night.
Then in an embarrassing twist of events the Big D's identity is revealed. He wants a chance and he's determined to get it.
But with a crazy ex popping around every corner, money and power standing between us and an embarrassing 'how we met' story... what's a girl supposed to do?

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You have a book where Erotica meets MC. This is Book 2. If you haven't read Find Her: Avenging Angels Book 1 then I have no clue why not. The steam that comes from your device while reading it is just unheard of.

💀✰░░░ Keeper: Avenging Angels MC Book 2░░░✰💀
🔥💀🔥 By: Nia Farrell 🔥💀🔥
💀 🔥Amazon:
Luke “Mad Dog” McLanahan and Isabella Castellari have a history. Kind of. He’s a member of the Avenging Angels MC and one of four brothers whom she thinks slept with her sister three years ago. Or did they? Nothing is as it seems. Isabella’s world is turned upside down when lies are exposed, truths revealed, and the man she’s been fantasizing about for three long years makes her an offer that she should refuse but can’t.
When Mad Dog finds Isabella stranded on a rural country road, remembering her toxic sister, he almost doesn't stop. Seeing her as an end to a means, he brings her back to the Avenging Angels MC clubhouse and quickly learns that she's different—very different—than what he expected. She's a curious innocent, and willing to submit to his domination. But there are complications. A mob boss uncle, protective parents, a traitorous friend, and secrets that have been kept for far too long. Secrets that will either bind them together or tear them apart.
This book has adult content and may contain triggers. Written for ages 18+.
💀 🔥Amazon:

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Cole Denton Spotlight Interview

This is the first Spotlight of 2020 and I am honored for the man who we will be checking out today! Cole Denton is by far one of the sweetes...