Wednesday, December 27, 2017

♡Forbidden Love♡ by Harper Phoenix
#ShifterErotica #PNR #FreeOnKU
Exclusive excerpt:
‘Jared,’ she pleads. I take her mouth again and bend at the knees, pushing my dick under her ass to rest against her slick pussy. All the while unrelentingly fucking her mouth with my tongue. I stimulate her clit with my dick over and over again. She’s making little mewling noises, desperate for me to bring her to climax. But I don’t. I slide inside her, and she groans in relief. I pull right back and pull her ass out further away from the wall. Now she’s bent at the waist, ass in the air and hands holding her up against the wall. Fucking beautiful. Mine. Using her hips as an anchor, I sink in deep till my balls hit her clit. I slam in again and again, but as I feel her walls start to strangle my dick I pull all the way out.
‘Jared!’ she shrieks like I’ve slapped her. I chuckle. This is too easy. Any minute now.
‘Jared… Please…’
‘What do you need, baby?’ I know full well what she wants.
‘Fuck me damn it!’ So fucking sexy. Mine.
I ram myself into the hilt again, and she quivers under my hands. Pulling out again she makes that mewling sound, and I almost cave. I push back so slowly it nearly kills me.
‘You gonna stay with me, baby?’ I ask just as I slide back out. This is torture.
‘Yes…. Yes. God, I’ll stay. Please, Jared….’ I fuck her hard and have her crying out my name until she can barely stand.
Hook. Line. Sinker. Mine.
This book is for adults 18+ only. It contains sexual content and violence.Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and text

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