Monday, January 1, 2018

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Replay Reunion 1: Naughty New Year by Nia Farrell

Blurb: The cast of Replay BDSM theme resort reunites for a very special New
Year celebration, held in the latest expansion where future Steampunk weekends
will be held. Sir Piers built the Steamroom complex for his wife Eleanor. Its
design was inspired by the books that she enjoys as an adult and a board game
that she loved in her youth.
It’s a rare evening out for Replay’s owner and his wife. Time away from their
daughter Adrienne creates problems for Eleanor, who’s still breastfeeding. But
Sir Piers is more than her husband. He’s her Dominant. When the pain becomes
acute, he whisks her into the conservatory and gives her the relief that she needs.
It’s a brand New Year, and a very different Replay. Written for ages 18+.

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