Tuesday, January 16, 2018

RECKLESS is releasing #Jan24
Are you ready for #BabyCage?!
Kyle- I’m MMA’s notorious bad boy, taking down opponents is what I do best. Groupies fall at my feet and everyone bends over backwards to please me.
In my world I’m the king.
But what if living my life full throttle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Looking into my son’s eyes makes me realize there’s more... maybe I’ve screwed up these last five years? But can I change?
Sophie- Sometimes in life, timing is everything. I was meant to love Kyle Cage but it wasn’t our time. Our story wasn’t meant to be written.
Instead I was left with a broken heart and a little boy that reminds me everyday of the man I loved so many years ago. But my son makes me want to do better, be stronger and I’m determined to give us a good life.
Now Kyle’s back in town and he wants a chance to know his son, to be in our lives. Can I get past the hurt? Can he be the father Gabe deserves?
Time will tell. I just hope my heart holds out long enough for him to prove himself.
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