Monday, February 12, 2018


Every Last Drop: A Vampire Anthology
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Horror
This anthology contains 3 vampire novelettes (each 12-14,000 words) and one short, lighthearted flash fiction piece. ***18+ due to mature content***

House of Wax:

Evil lies within the wax house. An evil with dark eyes and bloodlust like no other. Out for a taste of revenge, the vampire Maelstrom has risen once again and is taking out her anger on the small town where she was encased in wax along with her warriors over a hundred years ago. Odin Blacksaint is a man with a secret long buried by his family that he thought to be a fairy tale until people go missing and new evidence comes to light. Now he must face his long-awaited destiny.

Fate & Fortune:

Once an ill-fated king named Henry VIII reigned. It was a time of changes for his country and they all started with one woman. A woman who would turn out to be an abomination. Henry turns to an enchanting fortune teller named Sybilla for advice, but quickly finds himself enamored with her. Sybilla, on the other hand, knows the danger that is to come and that could result from his attachment to her. Nothing is more dangerous than loving a king.

Natural Born Predators:

In a castle with walls spiraling high, a beast roars, his sadness floating across the land. The darkness within him brings darkness to the forest nearby, until one day when she shows up, looking for someone. When Bell enters his life, Frey's monster finally recedes and he finds some measure of happiness. Her occupation as a vampire hunter is dangerous, but their love will bring about consequences like no other. It re-awakens the forest, and those that were hiding within it begin moving out. Frey and Bell must protect the people from the threat about to emerge.

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