Sunday, February 11, 2018


Hathor's Return (Eye of Ra Series Book 1)
T.M. Grinsley Zizi Cole
Kristina Bulfer and Josephine Carter are just your average 27-year-old college girls, who recently graduated from Penn State. To celebrate the biggest moment of their lives, why not go on an all-access tour of Egypt? Nothing could possibly happen surrounded by mummies, ancient tombs, and endless amounts of sand, right?
From the moment the girls step foot in Cairo, Jo is plagued with visions of a past life that isn’t her own. Things they never suspected could possibly occur start happening. Kris has a giant hawk stalking her and mysterious markings start forming on her arms, while Jo keeps getting visions of promiscuous gods and ends up being captured by another.
The two must work together to escape the temple and survive the nightmare that has become their lives. Will Kris and Jo be able to stop Hathor’s Return?

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