Author Spotlight: Dani Rene

Between Love & Fire (Backstage Series Book #1)



Cerulean eyes pierce me. 
A touch that scorches me. 
Words that entice me. 

With a reputation of the bad boy rock star, 
I know he’s bad news. 
He’s infuriating, persistent, 
and drop dead gorgeous. 
The man that has 
women’s underwear dropping, 
with a click of his fingers, 
has his sights set on one woman. 


I need to keep my distance. 
I need to fight the attraction. 


Chestnut eyes lure me. 
A smile that tempts me. 
Words that bait me. 

The innocence in her eyes is like a drug. 
Her feisty personality is a turn on. 
The more she pushes, the more I pull. 
I don’t back down from a challenge. 
To have her in my bed is what I want. 
And I always get what I want. 


I need to make her mine. 

I need to make her see the real me.


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