Monday, April 9, 2018

Author Spotlight

💫Kiss My Luck: A St. Patrick's Day Anthology💫
by Ember-Raine Winters,‎ Tiffany Carby,‎ Aleisha Maree,‎ Shannon Nemecheck (Author),‎ Faith Ryan,‎ Autumn Ruby,‎ Jessica Bane,‎ Rosie Chapel,‎ Jeremy Simons,‎ Lorah Jaiyn,‎ Sondra Hicks,‎ Veronique Poirer,‎ Kathia Iblis,‎ Jade Royal

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Kiss My Luck: A St. Patrick's Day Anthology by [Winters, Ember-Raine, Carby, Tiffany , Maree, Aleisha, Nemecheck, Shannon, Ryan, Faith, Ruby, Autumn, Bane, Jessica, Chapel, Rosie , Simons, Jeremy , Lorah Jaiyn, Lorah, Hicks, Sondra, Poirer, Veronique, Iblis, Kathia, Royal, Jade ]
Some people are born under a lucky star while others are crushed by it. This St. Patrick’s Day join 14 authors from various genres as they bring to life stories from both sides of the coin. From cheating boyfriends and magical kisses underwater to vengeful leprechauns’ intent on reclaiming their gold, every story has a bit of luck to it. Heads or tails, good or bad. What’s Your Luck?


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