Tuesday, May 15, 2018


One of the moments I have been waiting for is here. The freaking Cover Reveal for Hidden Witness 2 by Posey Parks. How might tasty it is looking!

Cover Reveal for:
Hidden Witness 2: A Second Chance Mafia Romance

Last book in series for Dillon and Sierra. There will be two other standalone books in this series: Tony's Story and Dominic's Story.

Release date June 12, 2018
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DILLON AND SIERRA were creating a new blended life together until their lives were turned upside down by Dillon’s past.
Sierra learned who he really was, Dillon Sergio Magarelli; the future Mob Boss. In that moment their happy life turned into disaster. The man she fell in love with and trusted lied to her.
Dillon was shot by Filippo and left for dead.
Filippo carried Sierra away to her own slated demise.
Tony and Sebastian came to Dillon's aid.
Dillon's sole mission was to rescue his woman from the grips of a psycho.
Will Dillon be able to rescue Sierra?
Will Sierra forgive Dillon for lying to her or will she walk away?

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