Sunday, July 1, 2018

Book of the Week - - - - Hidden Witness 2 by Posey Parks

 Book of the Week is Hidden Witness 2 by Posey Parks. 
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I know, I have sucked a lot lately. Not literally, but I had to come to you with a Book of the Week. This is Book 2 of Hidden Witness. If you read my review on Book 1, then you already know how I feel about this series. 

This book picks up right where Posey left me hanging for 85 years or so... You have my husband Dillon who has proposed to my girl Sierra. They are excited and happy. We all know that shit can't last for long! Because here comes Douchebagcanoe Filippo, fucking with the church's money! OMG! I can not stand that mofo! I wish they would have ended his no reason for his existence life in HW1. But, nooooo. We have to deal with his scumbags ways. He even had the nerve to hurt my man. Ugh! 

Of course, you can't keep a Boss down! Hehehe! That was appropriate with how the rest of the book goes. So Douchebagcanoe decides that he is going to take my girls' ass... Literally. I can not even go into how, what, or the why's because Posey might gutt me for telling too much. I am happy to see how the story plays out. It was a lot of recapping, which I kinda needed. Then scallywag Lindsay isn't as much a part of the story has she was in Book 1. Neither was the Troll Patrol ex-husband of Sierra. He thought he was about to call the shots and then, BOOM, my man put him and Lindsay in their place. Those were Mic Drop moments for sure. 

I love the way that Posey includes the past characters into each book. It makes me feel like my family is all here with me. Hehehe! Don't judge me, we all go way back! This is a must-read for sure. 

My Hidden Witness 2 Highlight! 

 I have to say "Mic Drop" right there. I was given permission to use screenshots by the Author who made me want to bump fists with her or high five her at this part. You need to grab Hidden Witness 2 to see how this shit storm pans out. I know I was 86 Maranda's butt! Skallywag heffa!

Grab Hidden Witness 2 by Posey Parks TODAY!!! 
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