Thursday, July 12, 2018

Review of Girl in the Shadows by Nancy George

Girl in the Shadows by Nancy George
This Author is new to me and from what I have learned this is her first Full Legnth book.

This book started off pretty slow for me unfortunately. It was hard for me to get into the flow of reading it due to it not being realistic per say. Then the POV's kept changing and had to get grasp on that. Once I got into the story, I had to know how it ended. I had become devoted to the characters and what was taking place between the two.

You have a woman is emotionally distrought. She has lost family and then the one person she thought she could trust ends up being a POS. I can't give up all the deets, but in actuality, this book started to grow as well as the main characters did.

The ending did seem a little rushed and again not too realistic on how it played out, but it was an okay read. For it to be a first Full Length, I do say good job to the Author.

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Daisy was a young, naïve sheltered woman who, through a tragedy, was pushed into a world of abuse and torment at the hands of a man she thought she was in love with. Alone, scared, and helpless, she prayed for help.
That was until she received a telephone call which changed her world, and led her to the bright lights of Auckland. Daisy thought, finally she was safe. Nothing would prepare her for what was to follow. From out of nowhere, she met a man who would give her a reason to live, laugh, and learn to love.
Was she strong enough to believe that beautiful things came to those who dared to dream?
Or would the memory of her abuse etched into the depths of her mind take control, and send her back to her secret dark place, alone and frightened once more.
Could the light of a rainbow shine brightly from the depths of a cold gray nothing?
Or would she remain forever in the shadows.

Previously released as Maggie.

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