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#3 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review

#3 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review
You're The Boss: The Eliza Bailey Diaries - Day Three by Zane Michaelson
This was a short, entertaining, One-Handed read. I totally have to go back and read the previous books in the series about Eliza. Eliza has skallywag ways. IJS! But, I say more power to her, embracing her inner skally ✊🏾.
My short version of this short story: This book had Eliza sleeping with her younger neighbor. He sneaks out the house and they worry about his mother waking up before he gets back home. Then Eliza has a "meeting" with another younger man, but with more power per say... OR so he thinks.. Again, I have to go back and read the previous books to find out what Eliza's backstory a bit.
If you have a quick break at work, this is not the book for you! Didn't you hear me say it was a one-handed read. Now, if you are lying in bed and want a quick read to help you out with some sweet dreams...This may be the book for you. I enjoyed it!
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#2 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review

#2 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review
His Pearls (Masquerade Saga Book 1) by Michael James
Wow! So, this book was a creeper. What do I mean by that? This book creeped up on my ass. I was reading like lalala, then BOOM! It's 2am and this motherfucker that I flove hard, has left me hanging?!?! So, I have to be honest, I couldn't just be left hanging, I had to download Book 2 to at least take away some of my anxiety of the cliffhanger!
Here is my short version: Woman's parents are leaving out town and makes her come home from college to cat sit? Is that a real thing? I leave a big bowel of food and water out for my cat (shit am I a terrible owner?). Anyways, so girl comes home, parents are asswipes, especially the mom. UGH! So, they leave on their anniversary vacay. Woman keeps seeing creepy shit going on all around her. Phone misplaced, food put away, and so on... She sees that the house across the street is partying it up but people have on their fancy clothes with masquerade masks... Dun Dun Dun. That's when woman gets the great idea to sneak into the party...
Of course I won't tell it all! 🤦🏾‍♀️Shoot, that was just touching a very little. Totally a must read and wow! I am going to have to go back and finish that book in the New Year... If I can wait that long! You go MJ!
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#1 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review

#1 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review
Somebody Else/Nobody Else Duet by Jaxson Kidman
Holy Shit!!!! I can not even lie, when I saw a duet was nominated, I was kinda sour, like, "Oh Boy! I have to read 2 books in the time of 1. How the hell am I going to do that?"
Then I read Book 1 and I was addicted and had to download Book 2 and did just that, read both books within a 24 hr span. This Duet was really hard for me. This book can be dangerous! I think I threw my phone, cursed my computer, put it down and walked away cursing Kinsley the entire time. 🤷🏽‍♀️
The emotions that this series will stir. You literally become invested in the characters lives. Like, I kid you not... I am marrying Brice.
Here is my short version without spoilers.
You have a woman and man who lost a lot. Of course that was traumatic for both of them, but the women couldn't deal anymore and she left the man. Fast forward women meets another man who has also faced some difficulty in his life, but they decide to not live in the past or even talk about the past. Ex sees woman, and finds a way to get a hold of her. Woman is then faced with her past and her possible future. When you might just need closure, or you might just have to figure out who really holds the key to your heart..
You have to totally read this duet to find out how all of that plays out. OMG! You will have violent thoughts, you will cry and feel for these characters in a real way, then you will lowkey plot the murder of another character. 😬🤔. Most of all, you will fall in love with this Duet and will definitely deem it a top read of the year!
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Book of the Year Awards Readers Choices Possible Nominees

Morning you gorgeous followers!

A few weeks again on the Facebook blog:
I had did a nomination of books that followers felt like I needed to read and after a weeks time, the books with the highest votes, were the ones I would read and review on Amazon, Goodreads, as well as the blogs.

The winners were:

Somebody Else/Nobody Else Duet by Jaxson Kidman
His Pearls (Masquerade Saga Book 1) by Michael James
You're The Boss: The Eliza Bailey Diaries - Day Three by Zane Michaelson
Stand: A Short Story Author E.S. McMillan
High Roller by ML Preston
The Gladiator’s Downfall by Kristen Banet 
As you see, the last two were a tie, so I agreed to read an extra one. May the force be with me. Because that was me reading 7 books in a weeks span. 

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Book of the Week

It has been awhile, but I had to make sure that I am going forth with the way that I want with my blog and to be able to share with you the books that are amazing beyond words. I appreciate you all for your patience and 2019 will be bringing so much more. 

Tasha Talks Books Blog Read of the Week

When you read a book that has you addicted and in a book coma for a few days. You then know that it was a 5 star book and that you obviously need to read more from this Author.

I felt that way after reading As Dust Dances by Samantha Young.

You have a woman who is in love with music and is talented as they get. Sings, play guitar, writes music and produces her music. She starts to then doubt if this is the world for her, but too afraid to walk away and let important people to her down. Then she has a tragedy that traumatizes and she then decides that she can not continue a life, which she feels is the cause of the tragedy.

To read about the life of Skylar Finch and then to fall in love with the characters. This was a book you will not be able to put down. I love you Killian!!!

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