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#1 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review

#1 Winner of the Potential Book of the Year Review
Somebody Else/Nobody Else Duet by Jaxson Kidman
Holy Shit!!!! I can not even lie, when I saw a duet was nominated, I was kinda sour, like, "Oh Boy! I have to read 2 books in the time of 1. How the hell am I going to do that?"
Then I read Book 1 and I was addicted and had to download Book 2 and did just that, read both books within a 24 hr span. This Duet was really hard for me. This book can be dangerous! I think I threw my phone, cursed my computer, put it down and walked away cursing Kinsley the entire time. 🤷🏽‍♀️
The emotions that this series will stir. You literally become invested in the characters lives. Like, I kid you not... I am marrying Brice.
Here is my short version without spoilers.
You have a woman and man who lost a lot. Of course that was traumatic for both of them, but the women couldn't deal anymore and she left the man. Fast forward women meets another man who has also faced some difficulty in his life, but they decide to not live in the past or even talk about the past. Ex sees woman, and finds a way to get a hold of her. Woman is then faced with her past and her possible future. When you might just need closure, or you might just have to figure out who really holds the key to your heart..
You have to totally read this duet to find out how all of that plays out. OMG! You will have violent thoughts, you will cry and feel for these characters in a real way, then you will lowkey plot the murder of another character. 😬🤔. Most of all, you will fall in love with this Duet and will definitely deem it a top read of the year!
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