Friday, May 10, 2019

Review on The Designer by ML Preston

From the Seductive Temptation Box Set ---> The Designer by ML Preston

The Designer ML Preston E-Cover 

I loved this story. It was cute and totally captured you with Brent's "Fuck It" attitude. That same attitude is what have run off the current designer of the club that he is currently working on.  He then is in a crunch for time and have to have the club fully done for opening night all within four weeks. He now is at risk of loosing out a lot of money. That is until his awesome assistant steps in and gets him hooked up with a new designer who most people wouldn't take a chance on because of her very little experience. 

Enters in Kara. This girl is sassy and totally with her NOLA twang and love for life and all things vibrant attitude. They have an insta love and it is so cute and easy to just adapt to. They also have a lot of insta sex too. This book is HAWT y'all!!! They sex scenes will melt you and make you swoon! 

This is a short story but totally will have you wanting way more. I totally wanted to live in the life of Kara and Brent a little bit longer. 

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