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Review on A Hero's Love by Posey Parks

A Hero's Love by Posey Parks

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I feel like I can not say it enough! Posey is a fucking legend. The way that she can put words down on paper and just make you feel every single word and just become so addicted to the words that she writes. Her latest release which was previously featured in an anthology is now LIVE. Posey parks, latest release. A Hero's Love. Wow! So, I started reading it as my day job book, but it came home with me and made me put all other work that needed to be done aside. This story makes you feel and I was totally able to connect with the main characters.

You have sexy AF Ethan who is a Doctor (Surgeon), he's the best there is. He also is Captain Save The World by night. After a major traumatizing experience, he wants to protect and save the world from bad people.  Then you have the brave woman Malaysia, who got her graduated and was living her best life in California, that is until her family calls her for help because they were loosing their business and everything. Ethan and Malaysia happened to run into each other over drinks and have an insta attraction for each other and agree on just being OH's (friends with benefits  basically).

This story was a battle of Ethan feeling for Malaysia and her feeling for Ethan but not wanting to give into those feelings. Malaysia was scared to let Ethan in and was really wanting to move back to California to her dream life. The thing about dreams are they sometimes change for the right one. 
Let me just say one thing. When a man wants to eat the kitty, let him eat the damn kitty! That is one moment where I did wanna to slap the shhh out of her. 
Ethan takes one for the team and puts his life, career and everything on line for Malaysia and honestly, you can tell he wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This is a story for the books. Oh and Ethan showed a little thug love in this story and me laughing, talkin about "Pistol Whippin" someone. Gosh! Swoon lol!

This is not a book to sleep on! Totally a must read!

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