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Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday Readers. I hope you week went well. Mines was busy and exhausting. Worked 60 hours at my day job and then came home to do some of my Author/PA work. Of course I squeezed in some reading though duhhhh. Lately I have been doing a lot of reading and audiobooking at the same time. Some ask me how in the world do I not get the two stories confused? It's simple, I don't read the say type of troupe at the same time. Lol. 
This week I reviewed Pleasure Bound. Of course I have read two of my ladies books which is featured in it, but some of the authors were new to me. You totally need to grab it and check it out. it is free right now. 

PLEASURE BOUND BDSM anthology by various authors Release date December 1, 2019 Universal Buy Link Amazon Universal link Amazon US

I have sucked lately

You deserve so much more than this. I have been reading and just not had the energy to get up and write any reviews on the blog. I apologize. You deserve way more than this. Let's play catch up.

I just finished L&S Duet by Brittainy C. Cherry. WTF! That duet is totally in my top 10 for the year. When you can go through so much mental turmoil and not have anyone there by your side. Nobody that can take you out of the dark pits of depression. It is amazing the way that Brittainy is able to tap into these characteristics and the pain that they feel. Landon is hurting so much from all of the pain that he is experiencing from the death of his father-like uncle. Landon doesn't like watching those around him who is always happy and don't have a care in the world. He despise those who lives that life... That is until the bet he ends up making with Shay, his nemesis for so long. This story will take over your heart and soul. I have no other way of saying, this is a duet that yo…