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I have sucked lately

You deserve so much more than this. I have been reading and just not had the energy to get up and write any reviews on the blog. I apologize. You deserve way more than this. Let's play catch up.

I just finished L&S Duet by Brittainy C. Cherry. WTF! That duet is totally in my top 10 for the year. When you can go through so much mental turmoil and not have anyone there by your side. Nobody that can take you out of the dark pits of depression. It is amazing the way that Brittainy is able to tap into these characteristics and the pain that they feel. Landon is hurting so much from all of the pain that he is experiencing from the death of his father-like uncle. Landon doesn't like watching those around him who is always happy and don't have a care in the world. He despise those who lives that life... That is until the bet he ends up making with Shay, his nemesis for so long. This story will take over your heart and soul. I have no other way of saying, this is a duet that you do not want to sleep on. Have your bottle of wine and tissues nearby! Brittainy is totally my spirit author. She is the only author that can tap into my emotions like she does. I can not wait to read Greyson and Elenore's story! OMG! That is going to be bonkers and I know from what I read in L&S, that this story will need a few bottles of wine! Grab the duet today.

Image may contain: 1 person, textImage may contain: 1 person, text
L&S Duet ---->

This has been an exciting and busy year thus far. It's crazy that it is almost over. As you all know, I am more than just a blogger, I am a PA. My Jackson Kane is back and writing and has a new publishing company, Hot Tree Publishing. They are amazing and it makes me so happy to see that he is releasing his books again. We have just re-released The Steel Veins MC Series. So far we have released Blow Out, which is one of my favorite MC books ever. Star and Remy's story just captivates my heart. The action and the love that comes from it is just unbelievable, especially after all that they have been through with each other.

Blow Out (Steel Veins #1) by ➜ Jackson Kane ➜
#TBR ➜
Also available on KU

She should never have stayed.
I should never have kept her.
Bad guys like me? We crave violence, danger, and someone warm in our beds.
Someone like her? She is beautiful and surprisingly strong.
But saving her was a mistake for both of us. It would have been easier if I'd let my MC kill her when they were getting revenge on her uncle.
Now it's too late.
I don't want sympathy or forgiveness.
I just want her.
Blow Out, a motorcycle romance set in the Steel Veins Motorcycle Club, is filled with heat, nail-biting violence, and heart-racing adventure. Blow Out has been reedited, packaged, and is complete with NEW material.
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Then we just released Burn Up at the end of last month. That is Hendrix and Maya's story. A woman trying to save her sister from their father. Hendrix being a man who just got out of prison. This story was nothing less than amazing. As all of Jackson Kane's books, it was filled with action!

She didn't see what was coming.
I shouldn't have let down my guard.
For five long years, I echoed the words honor, loyalty, and brotherhood off my prison cell walls. It's all that's kept me going. Now on the outside, seeing my club all twisted up, all I want is my freedom, freedom from everything—including that brotherhood.
Pres wants one last ride out of me then all my debts are paid.
Bullets, fire, a goddamned army, nothing will keep me from finishing this run! Except for the one thing I hadn't counted on.
A girl named Maya.
Burn Up, a motorcycle romance set in the Steel Veins Motorcycle Club, is filled with heat, nail-biting violence, and heart-racing adventure. Burn Up has been reedited, packaged, and is complete with NEW material.
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Yesterday, Jackson Kane's My Holiday Secret released and OMG! It is so phenomenal. It's a secret fake fiance book. Where when you are tired of being bothered about having a significant other, and so what else do you do, but take on a fake fiance.

It's time to shine the baubles, pull out the mistletoe, and prepare to swoon in the fun, heat, and mischief of Jackson Kane's smoldering holiday read, My Holiday Secret.

He's my holiday secret... and if anyone finds out, I'm screwed.
I did everything I could to get away from my family, but somehow, I've let my sister drag me home for the holidays. Now that I'm back, everyone expects to finally meet my fiancé.
The only problem is I don't have one. He dumped me, and they have no clue.
I can't let them find out I'm single. Luckily, after a one-night stand with a bad boy bouncer—the chiseled and grizzled Vance Mathis—I've got a plan: Hire him to be my fiancé for the family Christmas party.
When he pulls that mistletoe out of his pocket, I know he's only looking to jingle my bells. Even so, it's getting harder and harder to keep my hands off him.
I only wanted him to play pretend, but after our not-so-silent night together, I'm starting to want something real.
My Holiday Secret has been polished just in time for the holidays. With a new edit, a Christmas shine, and now traditionally published, kick back and prepare to swoon.

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Let's let my Bossman tell you about that himself ;) 

Come and join Nerdy Rebel Readers to join in on all of the giveaways and getting the sneak peeks from his upcoming books.

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One of my favorite books was released in an anthology since I have been M.I.A. Kinky Ink by another one of my authors, Heather Guimond was released in the Leave Me Breathless: The Moonflower Collection. I am a character in the book and so, I am in love with it lol. Plus I am a sucker for books that have to do with tattoo shops.
You can download the first full chapter here:

Break Wave by A.C. Williams, Amazon Bestselling Author (Second Chance Romance)
Jordan Stone is a small-town girl with big-time dreams. Stepping out of the rubble of a tumultuous past, Jordan spends her days immersed in her music, surrounded by friends and her boyfriend Tyler, and when she's not working odd-jobs on the boardwalk, she's working on a dream: Escaping Break Wave, New Jersey. Achieving that dream will come at a cost, though. The question is, will Jordan Stone risk everything that is dear to her for a one-shot at a better life?
The Plan by Kiersten Modglin (Second Chance Single Parent Romance)
Twelve years ago, Darby made a choice to walk away from the future she’d always envisioned with the boy who broke her heart. Now, two failed marriages, four kids, and years of baggage between them, Luke and Darcy are in their hometown again. Can the couple get back on course to live out the plan they once had? Or will the past be enough to make them run once again?
Scars by M. Piper (Second Chance Police Romance)
Returning to her small hometown to deal with the loss of her father, Kate doesn't expect to connect with those from her past. She definitely doesn't expect to fall for her high school sweetheart, the boy that pushed her away so many years before. Sparks fly as old flames are reignited, but is Daxon's love enough to keep Kate from returning to the life she left behind?
Training Maisy by Samantha Morgan (Second Chance Romance)
After joining a gym, a steamy night with Maisy’s personal trainer leads to more heartbreak when he tells her they can never be an item. He uses the gym's policy as an excuse, but Maisy knows the truth: she’s just not desirable.
Kinky Ink by Heather Guimond (Opposites Attract Romance)
Tired of his shallow and pretentious life as the heir to an oil resources empire, Nate Trumbull left Manhattan behind when he bought a chicken ranch just outside Corpus Christi, TX. He knew his life would change for the better but never bargained on falling for sexy tattoo artist, Roselle Wolfe, when he faints dead away in her chair. They're nothing alike, they come from two different worlds, but there's no denying there's magic between them. When Nate's father tries to bring him back to into the family fold, it spells trouble for the two. Will Nate stay and fight for his new life and love or will he return to honor his family duty?
Becoming His World by Barbra Campbell (Second Chance Romance)
Samantha struggles to cope with a miscarriage when the baby's daddy finally decides to show back up. Connor apologizes, professes his love, takes care of her, and does all the right things...until he leaves again. He won't come clean about his job, and she can't handle his obsession over her safety. Should she trust his mysterious ways, or follow her own path and live out her dream to sing on Broadway?
After five years absence resident bad boy Mason is riding back into his hometown for the weekend. Celeste isn’t the chubby geek who crushed hard on the town’s rebel all through high school. She’s spent the last five years waiting for a chance to purposely bump into the rogue with a reputation for breaking good girls’ hearts. And she has no intention of letting Mason slip away without getting what she craved all through high school.
I fell in love with him when I was a child, watching from afar as he would catch butterfly after butterfly for me. As teens, our love grew stronger into one that lasts a lifetime. But one car accident left everything destroyed, my memories stolen from me, even the ones of him. Yet years later, he’s still waiting for me to come home and when I finally do, he’s determined to make me fall in love with him all over again.

No photo description available.

The Unlikely Even by LJ Shen! HOLY SHIT! Y'all know she is totally one of my favorites ever! Her words are amazing! This story is addicting. Heart-warming. Infuriating. It will totally make you feel all of the feels. This book was phenomenal and totally kept me wanting more. Oh how I love Mal so friggin much. It's rare when you see the male MC going so hard to be with the female MC. The passion and love Mal protruded really had me addicted. This book is not likely any other LJ book! I promise you that! You totally need to grab it instantly. 

Sometimes you meet people who are out of this world, so you make them a part of yours.
A one-night stand born from vengeance in a foreign land.
An explosive chemistry neither of us could deny.
We signed a contract on the back of a Boar’s Head Pub napkin that said if we ever met again, we would drop everything and be together.
Eight years and thousands of miles later, he’s here.
In New York.
And he’s America’s music obsession.
The intangible Irish poet who brings record executives to their knees.
The blizzard in my perfect, unshaken snow globe.
Last time we spoke, he was a beggar with no intention of becoming a king.
But a king he became, and now I’m his servant.
I’m not the same broken princess Malachy Doherty put back together with his callused hands.
I have a career I love.
A boyfriend I adore.
An apartment, a roommate, a life.
I changed. He changed, too.
But Mal kept the napkin.
Question is, will I keep my word?

There is so much more that has been going on TBC... Love ya! Please head over to my Facebook blog where I am more active and it's almost time for end of the year voting!


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