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Cole Denton Spotlight Interview

This is the first Spotlight of 2020 and I am honored for the man who we will be checking out today! Cole Denton is by far one of the sweetest, selfless men I have ever had the opportunity of speaking to. I will be showcasing his work today, because he won a contest where he brought in over 150 friends to a new group. He deserves a round of applause and anything else you are willing to give him ;)

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Cole has an upcoming book that is releasing this week. Check it out. 

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Title: Hybrid
Series: Sanguine #2
Author: Cole Denton
Genre: Dark/Paranormal/Suspense Romance
Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: January 15, 2020

Who am I? Everyone has their opinion of who I am.
The Queen thinks I'm her favorite pet. Lochlaan Mortas thinks I'm his biggest mistake. The Queen’s men think I'm their brother. The Carpe Noctem thinks I'm a useful tool.
Who do I thiComing nk I am? Cast aside. Unwanted. Freak. Cursed. Full of sins.
But there are some things about me that I am certain of...
I am in love with Octavia, the Queen of Drishane. And my bastard father does not know what kind of vengeance I am about to bring down on him for the pain he has caused Octavia. He has no idea exactly what he allowed to live or what I am capable of.
But I do. Because I know who I am. I am unique...I am Hybrid.

#1 The Queen

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This is a new segment for the Spotlights. Author Interviews. Cole Denton was able to take some time out to let us get to know a little more about Cole, the Man. The Legend. Check out my interview with Cole. 

Tasha Talks Books Blog Interview 

What is your name? Cole Denton
Is that your pen name or your government? A little bit of both
How old are you? (Round about if you don’t want to tell me exacts) 36
How long have you been writing? Since college. I was going to school to be a screenwriter.
What made you decide that you wanted to be an Author? I loved storytelling and doing something with the stories in my head seemed like a pretty badass hobby.
What genre/s do you write? I try to avoid labeling my writing as anything other than “dark fiction.” Everyone has their own ideas as to what each genre must include. Dark fiction, as a whole, prevents me from being pigeonholed into writing inside a genre box. 
Do you also have a day job? If so, doing what? I do have a day job. I work on the famous Las Vegas Strip at a hotel.
How long does it usually take you to write a book? It varies depending upon the book, of course. But my longest book, Phoenix, took about 7 weeks to finish and it’s about a 350 page paperback. But I’d like to point out that that was a very demanding schedule for me since I also work full time. 8 weeks seems to me my goal lately, but with work, it can be tough.
Are you self-published or do you have a publisher? Self-published
What is your favorite book ever? The Shining by Stephen King
What is your favorite book that you have written? Why? Forged, because it’s my first published book.
Who is your favorite character that you have written? Why? Russell from my Trial By Fire Series because he is the epitome of what so many people want. He has characteristics of what nearly everyone looks for in a person; strength, compassion, sexiness, ability to see past flaws and love.
What book made you first fall in love? Fall in love with reading? Ok, it was called Deadwood City and was one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. I was in first grade and loved those things. 
What is the biggest thing that you would want your readers to know about you? I’m just having a lot of fun with writing and interacting with readers and fans online in my Den. What you see there, is me.
What is the biggest lesson that you have learned from being an Author? You can’t be afraid. You just have to do it if you want to, and not fear the outcome. You have to find someone you can trust whole heartedly. Someone who will be your friend and tell you the truth all of the time. Someone who you build a rapport with and can be friends with. Someone who will tell you when your draft needs fixing or when it’s good. 
What is your next project? My next project is the fourth book in my Trial By Fire Series. It’s due out at the end of February.
How do you choose the cover of your books? I won’t use stock images; it’s just not for me. I want something just as unique and singular as I am. I stumbled onto Wander Aguiar and loved his work. Aside from his creative mind and eye-catching photography, the man is incredibly nice and a class act badass. His team has conversed with me for days and days over helping me find the perfect image, or creating it. So, Wander is my go to photographer. It’s just a matter of me telling him what I want and what I have in mind.
How do you choose a title? This just comes to me as I’m thinking about the book or writing it. 
Is there a part of you in any of your books? Which one/s? Yes, the Trial By Fire Series.
If you could choose one of your books to be made into a movie, which book would that be? I think if we’re talking one book, it would be Steel. But I think the Trial By Fire Series would be a great Netflix series.
What is your favorite movie? Gone In 60 Seconds is one of my very favorite because of my love of cars. I also love all of the new James Bond movies. When I say “new” I mean Pierce Brosnon and Daniel Craig. 
If you could have one supernatural power what would it be? To stop time
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? No piercings. One tattoo.
If you could turn into the opposite sex for one day, what is the first thing you would do? I really have no idea. 
If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? “For Your Pleasure”
What is your biggest pet peeve? People who say things that they don’t mean. 
If I checked your browser history, what is the last 5 searches that would come up? Australia Fires, ESPN,, my bank website, and paypal
Who is your celebrity crush? Lindsey Vonn
Would you date a fan? Sure, why not
How would someone get your special attention? Talking
What is your most played song? High On Life by Martin Garrix or Everybody Hates Me by the Chainsmokers
Where is your favorite vacation spot? I go back and forth to L.A. a lot and love the beach over there. So that’s my easy go-to vacation or weekend away spot
How do you deal with writer's block? Thankfully, I don’t really have this yet. My mind is very creative.
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
McDonalds or Burger King? McDonald’s
Paperback or Digital? Digital
Morning person or night person? I used to be a night person, but I needed a better schedule, so now I’m a morning person. Forced myself into it. 
Shower or bath? shower
Hot or cold? hot
Movie or book? movie
City or country? city
Share your playlist from Spotify/Pandora/Apple Music if available – NA
What are you working on? I’m just finishing up a multi author anthology called Men of Valor. This is a very badass piece because all of the proceeds go to the Country Fire Association. This releases on February 7th. I’m also working on Iron for February 27th.
When are they expected to be released? See above
What makes this/these book/s special to you? The anthology is special because I was invited by an incredible set of authors to take part in it. So just being asked was a huge honor. Iron is special because it’s part of my flagship series.
What is the one message you would like to send to your fans and those who are potentially your new fans? The main thing I want to share with readers, new readers, and bloggers is my gratitude. I am very grateful and thankful for each of them. I also want them to know that I try really hard to comment and or love/like the posts that they make or share for me. I also want them to know that one of my favorite things to do is interact with them. Whether it’s in my Den, takeovers, or during blog spots, wherever it’s at, I pride myself on giving the readers a high energy takeover that is different from a lot of author takeovers. I don’t ghost post. I’m there because I love it, and I owe it to a reader who makes arrangements to give me 30 minutes of their time. I want it to be possibly the best 30 minutes of their day. I work my ass off to do so, and I want them to feel valued and appreciated. 

Please tell the readers where they can find you. What social media outlets are you usually hanging around on? My Den on FB or Instagram are the best places to grab me. 

Thank You so much for answering the questions and participating in the Tasha Talks Books Blog Spotlight. I wish you the most success. 


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